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CSI wallpaper by celticgoddessofmuck CSI wallpaper :iconcelticgoddessofmuck:celticgoddessofmuck 6 3
Light streamed through the top of the tent. I groaned and my opened my eyes blurrily. My vision slid into focus I heard another groan next to me and I sat up. Mac was blinking sleepily next to me.
“What’s the time?” I asked. Mac rolled over and checked his watch, “Half seven.” I sighed and poked my head out the tent, it was quite light, so I got up and ferreted my bag for some clothes. Before heading over to the showers which were free unlike some campsites I remembered, which was pretty good considering I had no change on me. The water took awhile to heat up, but when it warmed up the water was still lukewarm, I washed my hair and headed back after getting changed into suitable clothes for today, Jeans and a tank top and trainers, I came back and Mac was reading,
“Wow you’ve done a lot.” I said shaking my head and smiling,
“Hmmm” Mac replied, not taking his gaze off the book. I rolled my eyes and left the tent. I went back to my place
:iconcelticgoddessofmuck:celticgoddessofmuck 0 3
Thats me by celticgoddessofmuck Thats me :iconcelticgoddessofmuck:celticgoddessofmuck 0 16 Evil Care bear by celticgoddessofmuck Evil Care bear :iconcelticgoddessofmuck:celticgoddessofmuck 1 6 The Holy Hand Grenade by celticgoddessofmuck The Holy Hand Grenade :iconcelticgoddessofmuck:celticgoddessofmuck 0 2
A/N-OMG this took forever! Sorry! I’ve been really busy!
I’m currently sitting on a rock that juts out onto a river, the most beautiful river I’ve ever seen. It’s not that wide, I could easily swim across, But being as I was planning to go for a swim (and therefore am in my togs) but I put my toe in and realised it was like the bloody arctic I changed my mind and carried on watching the river flow past me. It was about 5 pm, I had been awake for 11 hours. A nice bright 6am start with a 7.30 departure and a 5 hour drive. That was pretty uneventful actually it was completely uneventful. But all that was forgotten when we arrived at the campsite. It was stunning. Based on the side of the river, it had a small pine forest with a bike path in it. It was owned by a woman in her late fifties called Margaret (Marg) Larner. She was lovely and remembered Adam well, saying he had this amazing ability to get muddy in record time. Note to self-Talk to dear Mr Ross at a later dat
:iconcelticgoddessofmuck:celticgoddessofmuck 2 5
AK47 by celticgoddessofmuck AK47 :iconcelticgoddessofmuck:celticgoddessofmuck 4 3 Hand sex csi ny by celticgoddessofmuck Hand sex csi ny :iconcelticgoddessofmuck:celticgoddessofmuck 12 20
I am who I am
Even if you wanted a son you got me.
If you wanted a perfect child look at my sister
Don't look at me, I am who I am
Don't judge me for the way I am and what my dreams are
But you crushed my hopes as you might a fly with a swatter
I'm not anything you wanted am I?
I love my own company
My Imagination is my best friend
No one wants a child who fantasies about flying away to a better place
I don't know what you see when you look at me
Do you compare me to my sister?
She could be perfection itself in your eyes
Maybe you do care
I probably do
I just wish I could tell you things like I tell my friends
Like the time I thought i could be really ill
Like what I really think of people
Do you want me to be smarter?
More responsible?
More feminine?
Well this is me...
:iconcelticgoddessofmuck:celticgoddessofmuck 0 4
My desktop 8-10-07 by celticgoddessofmuck My desktop 8-10-07 :iconcelticgoddessofmuck:celticgoddessofmuck 1 3
A/N-Have you forgotten me already :P! I was in Auz for 10 days…More evil counsellor in this chappie!
I stared at the ceiling absentmindedly. It was five thirty in the morning and I had just woken up. Mac was asleep in the bed next to me, I could just make out his shape from my lilo on the floor. I pulled the duvet cover up and carried on watching the ceiling willing it to do something other than be there above us. Alas nothing. My tummy was almost back to normal, but it still twanged rather painfully went I sat up to check the time. It was nearly six now. I got up, and stood in the hallway wondering what to do, I suddenly felt a weird obsessive desire to watch MASH, I scanned Mac’s dvd shelf and there was nothing so I logged onto the computer and went on youtube, I typed up MASH. There were a couple of episodes on but I settled with the episode C*A*V*E.. I hummed along to the theme song (suicide is painless) and thought to myself, Suicide maybe painless but attempted suicide
:iconcelticgoddessofmuck:celticgoddessofmuck 0 4
beach feet by celticgoddessofmuck beach feet :iconcelticgoddessofmuck:celticgoddessofmuck 0 4
Chapter 5 WHID
A/N-Sorry I’m on holiday for three weeks! So this is kind of fluffy as I have no time! I also made up the whole stomach pain thing…
“I haven’t been this exposed in public for ages,” I said, looking around the crowed swimming pool, it was filled with young children on one end  and old ladies doing aqua aerobic classes at the other and some fit looking people doing laps in the middle. I looked sceptically at Mac and pulled my towel around me,
“Oh come on Stella, It’s not like your a blobby white marshmallow.” Mac said, “I won’t laugh…much.”
I swatted him with my arm, “Shut your face,” I took the towel off to reveal a black, strapless one piece. It had two white stripes in the middle and a random rosette like thing in the middle, but it was very elegant and even though it wasn’t cheap and I never went swimming, I had to have it…
“You out class me again,” Mac said looking me up and down, he
:iconcelticgoddessofmuck:celticgoddessofmuck 0 1
CSI NY fan fic Chapter 4
I groaned as I opened my eyes and was surprised to find myself on Mac Taylor’s couch on top of Mac Taylor himself, Memories of last night came flooding back, Me jumping around and screaming at the television while Mac, unable to sleep he sat on the sofa watching the screen, one eyebrow raised, After the first 20 minutes I sat down as it was clear it was going to be a complete whitewash and I guess we must have fallen asleep. I got up and decided to have a shower. I stared at myself in the mirror, taking in the wild curls that were like an afro in their un-brushed, just woken up state and frowned and begun attacking it with a hairbrush. After it was sort of tamed I undressed and had a shower. I cleaned my teeth, tied my hair up in a wet, scruffy ponytail and put on a pair of navy sweat pants with NYPD written across the back in white and a white tank top. I came out and found Mac was still asleep. I went outside the baloney and watched the city go by, I felt like I had prick tattoo
:iconcelticgoddessofmuck:celticgoddessofmuck 0 6
What ifs? csi ny
A/N-I got bored and made these…Soooo lame….
Number one-Peyton is using Mac to get to Stella,
Mac and Peyton were lying in bed, Peyton plucked up her courage and asked Mac something she had meant to for ages,
“Mac what’s Stella like?” She asked
“Um, a fine CSI,” Mac said puzzled
“No silly, What’s she like in person?” Peyton asked,
“Um, Nice, Smart, feisty, can put together a semi-automatic faster than I’d like to admit,” Mac said still puzzled,
“Mmmm, Kinky,” Peyton said,
Mac was seriously puzzled, “Um, Peyton, I think Stella is straight, and come to think about it you are too,”
“Oh, There are a lot of things you don’t know about me,” Peyton said smiling, “Stella would love to try something new…”
“Look Peyton I hate to break it to you but I don’t think Stella will really be that impressed if you asked her,” Mac said,
“Your just Jealous,” *Peyton lea
:iconcelticgoddessofmuck:celticgoddessofmuck 0 7
Something I saw on talk csi by celticgoddessofmuck Something I saw on talk csi :iconcelticgoddessofmuck:celticgoddessofmuck 33 12


The Girl with Rainbow Hair by ElectraSinclair The Girl with Rainbow Hair :iconelectrasinclair:ElectraSinclair 24 8 Kiss by Eagle-Eye501 Kiss :iconeagle-eye501:Eagle-Eye501 47 16 Scattering by kris-wilson Scattering :iconkris-wilson:kris-wilson 5,528 1,184 The outgoing by OhAnneli The outgoing :iconohanneli:OhAnneli 54 33 Merry Christmas by kinkei Merry Christmas :iconkinkei:kinkei 183 286 Love Factory by OhAnneli
Mature content
Love Factory :iconohanneli:OhAnneli 31 46
Kill Heart by OhAnneli
Mature content
Kill Heart :iconohanneli:OhAnneli 37 37
Yuck by kris-wilson Yuck :iconkris-wilson:kris-wilson 5,801 1,907 Real by kris-wilson Real :iconkris-wilson:kris-wilson 11,346 2,226 Doing by kris-wilson Doing :iconkris-wilson:kris-wilson 3,787 946 Bunny fluffs by kinkei Bunny fluffs :iconkinkei:kinkei 284 229 Choose your destiny by vaporotem Choose your destiny :iconvaporotem:vaporotem 4,670 813 Yin Yang Tribal Wolf Tattoo by WildSpiritWolf Yin Yang Tribal Wolf Tattoo :iconwildspiritwolf:WildSpiritWolf 2,563 252 Siren Dreams by daekazu Siren Dreams :icondaekazu:daekazu 5,482 331 Wrong by kris-wilson Wrong :iconkris-wilson:kris-wilson 5,112 1,552 brothers... by kinkei brothers... :iconkinkei:kinkei 272 200



Lost soul looking for help
New Zealand
Current Residence: New Zealand (we whip your asses at rugby...NOT)
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Alternative
Favourite style of art: *cough* wtf
Operating System: Cut the person open, fix them up, sew them up again...
MP3 player of choice: 1st generation black ipod nano
Shell of choice: the ones that look like unicorn horns
Wallpaper of choice: Anything without flowers
Skin of choice: The one i'm in at the moment
Favourite cartoon character: The phantom(he rocks my world)
Personal Quote: Pink is a very lucky number
Soooo I'm sitting in my pit (aka my bedroom) laughing as I hear my sister scream at my parents who are cross with her. Her bedroom was soooo messy you couldn't literally see the floor (no kidding) I'm laughing because I love hearing my sister get in trouble...makes a change from it being me lol

Anway I'm also happy because a certain English pathologist has gone away to her home land 47s you know who I mean :P My SMack radar found this *grins*… it's soooo smacktastic

Well anyway news from the can be fixed! So I have ordered new screen and battery and wait in eager anticipation for them to come :D!

Also I'm meeting up with some of my friends! And it's a public holiday! Life is sweet!

Until then Adios!

My clubs: :iconcsi-fans: (I hope this thing works)
  • Listening to: Paramore-Born for this
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: my screen
  • Playing: with my computer
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: water


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